Corporate Responsibility

Taylor Byrne believes that our responsibility to the community is important. We consider that community, environment and workplace are important foundations of corporate social responsibility.

We strive to make sure our actions result in positive outcomes for both our business and our community.

Taylor Byrne promotes ethical and moral standards in our business dealings, and has an ongoing program of auditing its supply chain.

When making purchasing decisions:
  • We look for suppliers who offer sustainable options; and
  • Suppliers who adhere to ethical practices spanning labour rights, safety, quality and the environment.

Taylor Byrne encourages our contacts to become involved in community projects and offer incentives to those employees who demonstrate a commitment to social responsibility.

In this regard, Taylor Byrne is involved in the sponsorship of local sporting teams in regional areas, regularly donates to various charities and sporting organisations, and sponsors events through the Australian Property Institute.

In recognition of our ties with the community, Taylor Byrne has established an internal fund “Taylor Byrne Values Life” for charitable donations. This fund is run by an independent group who make recommendations regarding charitable donations to the Taylor Byrne Board.

Our 'Value Life' charity fund currently has $25,000 set aside for its 2018 round of donations. 

We are currently assessing the nominations. We will announce the successful charity/ies on this page. We thank all those people that took the time to nominate their charities.

Taylor Byrne also recognises the importance of being involved in professional development, and our employees regularly volunteer their time at conferences, and all Valuers complete continuing Professional Development courses yearly, as required by the Australian Property Institute.

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