Quality Assurance/Risk & Compliance

Taylor Byrne has a commitment to provide professional valuation and property consultancy services of the highest quality.
Quality Assurance/Risk & Assurance

We have a commitment to provide high quality, consistent, valuation and property consultancy services.

In order to do this, Taylor Byrne has uniform procedures in place through the Company dealing with job management, valuation procedures, risk and compliance and general management issues.

Taylor Byrne has a single IT platform allowing both Management and our Risk & Compliance Officer full visibility of all valuations across the network.

In addition to our internal quality assurance, our larger Taylor Byrne Offices are Quality Endorsed, operating a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.

Risk & Compliance

In order to ensure a consistent quality product, Taylor Byrne has a Valuation Review Policy in place.

This Policy ensures that every Taylor Byrne valuation is subject to a third party internal review, prior to it being released.

Taylor Byrne also has a Risk & Compliance division which is led by Gerard Clarke, our Risk & Compliance Officer.

Gerard has extensive experience in property risk and compliance, having worked in the property risk and credit section of some of Australia’s major banks.

Gerard’s role involves not only reviewing individual valuation reports, but includes training, reporting on sector risk and audit.

Our job management system allows full visibility of all valuations and assists in risk and compliance, with built in checks and balances which must be addressed before the system will allow residential valuations to be sent to the client.

Commercial and rural valuations are reviewed by our Risk & Compliance Officer and/or a team of nominated Senior Directors within the firm who assist with risk and compliance and valuation reviews, with the valuers nominated in those areas having significant experience in that property type.

Meet Our Risk & Compliance Officer

Gerard Clarke

Gerard joined Taylor Byrne in September 2012 as our Risk & Compliance Officer, after having worked in the banking industry for over 20 years.

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